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About WCF

The Wolf Creek Foundation sponsors and engages in activities and events that enrich and strengthen the quality of life in our community, particularly for members of the military.

For over a decade, the Wolf Creek Foundation, a 501C3 nonprofit agency, has been supporting military families through the generosity of this community. Whether being deployed or returning from deployment, separation brings stress and anxiety to a military family which is often difficult to overcome.

Through a partnership with Hill Air Force Base, the Wolf Creek Foundation sponsors weekend retreats twice a year, where our military families relax, reconnect, and develop much needed skills that help the entire family cope with deployments. Meals, lodging and entertainment, along with dedicated programming for adults and children are offered at no cost to the family.

Military families sacrifice each day to allow us to have the freedoms we all enjoy. Become a part of something amazing. Join us today!

The Wolf Creek Foundation and the AEF Retreat Program



In early 2006 a chance meeting between Steve Roberts, managing partner at Wolf Creek Resort, and a chaplain from Hill Air Force Base resulted in a program that has served over 1500 airmen and their families. Two times a year families that have a member scheduled to deploy or returning from deployment are invited to Wolf Creek Resort for a complimentary weekend that includes luxury second home accommodations, all meals, a dinner dance, world class recreation opportunities and a structured program to help both parents and children deal with deployment issues.

One of the unique qualities of the AEF Retreat is the children’s programming. Several base organizations along with Air Force child development specialists take over the local junior high with a myriad of activities designed to compliment focused programming that helps these children deal with the inherent fear and uneasiness that comes with a parent’s deployment.

Sue Munson, with the Wolf Creek Foundation, has noted that when these families arrive they have all of their emotional defenses up but that by the time they leave they are completely different people. This program truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

The parents participate in three training sessions facilitated by Hill Air Force Base that thoroughly deal with the issues that arise during a spouses deployment as well as re-integration issues when the spouse returns.

Several seasoned officers have reported that in 25-30 year careers they have never been offered anything as beneficial to their families as this program

Fundraising / Services


  • Annual benefit dinner and auction is the most profitable fundraising event

  • Participation in the Community Foundation of Ogden Valley’s fundraising activities

  • Ongoing efforts by board members to raise awareness and funds.


The mission of the Wolf Creek Foundation is to enrich the lives of families with a focus on military families. We have been honored to give support to the families that we have touched so far but we are also looking forward to increasing what we can do for military families in the future. The Wolf Creek Foundation is eleven years old and the organization is a work in progress. With 8-10 deployments during the career of one or both parents, and the issues that this creates for both the deployer and their loved ones, the need for what we have begun with Hill Air Force Base will continue to increase.

With that in mind, we are building our board and working towards the financial means to expand on what has been started. The ultimate goal is the purchase of property at Wolf Creek Resort and a wellness center built to accommodate both returning veterans and their families.

We are very honored to have had a small part in taking care of those that sacrifice so much for the freedoms that we enjoy.

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